As a next generation real estate agency, Azury relies on state-of-the-art visualisation, communication and data processing technologies that revolutionise property search and sale. Azury develops their our own solutions where corresponding solutions are lacking on the market.

Virtual Reality

Azury utilises one of the most exciting technological innovations currently available, which allows the viewer to be completely immersed in digital environments: Virtual Reality (VR). Thrilling experiences transcend the scope of previous screen media and captivate viewers with an unprecedented feeling of being right in the heart of things.

For the real estate industry, virtual reality is precisely the last piece of the puzzle that’s been lacking to date. When brokering houses, many agents still rely mainly on 2D media – typically photographs, more rarely videos. But real estate is not two-dimensional, it needs to be experienced! Two-dimensional forms of representation do not do it justice, and in the worst case can even be misleading. It’s precisely these kinds of misunderstandings that can be completely avoided by using virtual reality tours.


Most providers of virtual viewings use spherical panoramic images when creating online tours. And because such images can also be viewed using VR glasses, it is tempting to offer this as a VR experience. However, in this case a single image is used for both eyes. The difference in perspective between the two eyes is ignored. This creates an all-round effect, but in the end it comes across as flat as panoramic wallpaper.

A few systems available on the market capture the scene from several cameras instead, allowing the viewer to experience spatially effective images. However, they either only depict a part of the surroundings or exhibit fractures and depth defects, especially at close range, in places where individual shots have been combined into a panorama. Such cameras are therefore unsuitable for the real estate sector.

Azury has developed an omnidirectional stereo camera especially for use in real estate visualisation. This camera facilitates spatial, i.e. three-dimensional, images of existing objects.

These spatial images are optimised especially for post-production. In doing so, the raw data is processed to our virtual tour in virtual reality. A virtual viewing of this kind with genuine depth perception is to date unparalleled.


We create a digital twin so that viewers can experience a property virtually. This model not only allows viewers to view the house and grounds from any angle, but also provides the foundation for interactive dimensioning and precise floor plans that accurately reflect the current state of the property.


Our imaging systems scan every property with the highest accuracy. A spatial point cloud is generated from ground and aerial photos and subsequently a high-resolution textured 3D model is produced.

The Azury Cloud

We are developing a digital ecosystem that provides the foundation for our innovative marketing service, the Azury Experience. This digital platform is used to combine different media content such as video material, 360° panoramas in mono and stereo or 3D point clouds, processes and customer requests into a formidable marketing solution for real estate.

The Azury Cloud allows us to scale data processing and deploy our entire visualisation across all platforms of our marketing service, the Azury Experience, from the real estate portal through to the Azury VR App.


The technical developments in an increasingly digitalised world are changing our lives with increasing speed. Innovations such as the smartphone have rapidly spread around the world and are shaping our everyday lives. Prototypes from the fields of research and technology are already allowing us to catch a glimpse of the next megatrends that have the potential to disruptively transform entire industries.

What was a mere pipe dream yesterday will be reality tomorrow. Azury is keeping a close eye on these developments and is already working on applications today for the technologies of tomorrow.