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In an increasingly digitalized world, the personal touch remains our flagship. At Azury, we combine in-depth expertise and personalized advice with innovative technology. Our experienced team of real estate agents ensures that you always receive personal and professional service throughout Germany.

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20 November 2023Purchase price development in Munich

In recent years, a wave of rising interest rates for real estate financing has had a significant impact on the dynamics of the German real estate market. After a long phase of low interest rates, which drove the buying and selling of real estate, the turnaround in interest rates brought with it a noticeable cooling […]

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28 September 2023Meta Quest 3: The future of MR Real Estate marketing

The mixed reality world is on the verge of a major innovation, and Meta is bringing it to market with the Quest 3. These MR goggles promise not only exciting technical improvements but also an immersive MR experience that fuses gaming and reality in a whole new way. Price and Availability  The Meta Quest 3 […]

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Our goal is to combine the best of classic real estate marketing with innovative tools. The possibility for potential buyers to view your property flexibly and from any location using virtual reality glasses is just one of our unique selling points.

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